Planning a Trip

Ready to explore? The Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hike Trail stretches about 40 miles from Rotterdam Junction to downtown Albany. Here are a few resources to help you get out and enjoy it:


Where are the gaps in the trail and how big are they?

The trail has on-road gaps in Rotterdam Junction, where the trail is split by railroad tracks. There’s also a one-mile gap in the city of Schenectady between the SUNY Schenectady campus and North Jay Street. In Colonie, there’s half-mile gap on Island View Road. There’s about a five-mile gap (the biggest on the trail) between Alexander Street in Cohoes and 4th Street in Watervliet.

I don’t like to ride on the road. What’s the longest ride I can take on the trail without having to ride on the street?

From Jay Street in downtown Schenectady to Island View Road is about 14.6 miles one way. If you can stomach the very short road ride to Dunsbach Ferry Road (0.5 miles), you can ride about another 5.5 miles to Alexander Street in Cohoes.

Where can I find restrooms on the trail?

Restrooms with flush toilets are available seasonally at Lions Park and Blatnick Park in Niskayuna, Mohawk Riverside Landing Park and Colonie Town Park in Colonie, and the Corning Preserve in Albany. Port-a-johns may also be seasonally available at some locks and at Kiwanis Park in Rotterdam. Otherwise, trail users will need to leave the trail to find a restroom.

Can I ride my snowmobile on the trail? How about my horse?

Though other sections of the Erie Canalway Trail do allow snowmobiles and/or horses, neither of those methods of transportation are currently allowed on the Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hike Trail.

Where can I park? (OR) What's the best place for me to get on the trail?

Please refer to our Access Points chart for places where you can park to use the trail. Parking is generally for day use only. The largest parking areas are at Kiwanis Park in Rotterdam, SUNY Schenectady in Schenectady, Blatnick Park and Lions Park in Niskayuna, Colonie Town Park in Colonie and the Corning Preserve in Albany.